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Thread: How to monitor per stream Bandwidth utilization !

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    Default How to monitor per stream Bandwidth utilization !

    Is there any API Method available to monitor per stream BW utilization ?.

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    Hello there.

    In the logs, for each Client connection, you should see connect-pending, connect, disconnect. The s-c & c-s bytes on the disconnect will be the totals for the session.
    For each stream, there is a create, play, stop, destroy. destroy has the totals for the stream. You may see multiple play & stops if it is a live stream and the publish stream restarts.

    You can build a custom HTTPProvider around the getStreamBandWidth() method. The Getting data from HTTP Providers section of this guide provides the information you will need.

    If you need help setting this up you can post a request to the find a consultant forum



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    Can you give jar file with getStreamBandwidth() option ? As I'm not Java developer.

    Also When I checked the url of serverinfo, it shows lot more values like


    From the code I can understand that they read the value for below get options, like
    IoSessionByteSent --> getWrittenBytes
    IoSessionReceived --> getReadBytes
    IoBytesSent --> getMessageOutBytes
    IoBytesReceived --> getMessageInBytes

    Could you please more details about above mentioned "get"option ?. So that, I can clear on those section
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    Anyone have idea on this ?. If it so, please share to me.

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