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Thread: Smil list not connecting during transcoding setup

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    Default Smil list not connecting during transcoding setup

    Hi guys, please help me or guide me.

    I was following the tutorial video on transcoding and when I was going to connect smil file in this case volvamos.smil it doesnt connect. It says Stream alias access denied smil:volvamos.smil.

    Before that if you can please see the images, as I was creating the different bitrates when I was
    testing the particular stream for example the 360 on the test player if you can see image attached if it had VADalta_360p on the stream it would not play, it says access denied. But if I take away the 360p for example VADalta it would start playing on the test player. Then I went to connect the smil which it was created perfect following the video tutorial it does not connect.

    Thanks again for all your help please.

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    Hello there.

    If you start Wowza in stand-alone mode [wowza-install]/bin/startup.bat|, you will be able to view the server output in the console window.

    This will give you information about any issues you may be having. Take a look and see what the server is reporting when trying to play one of the transcoded renditions.

    The Wowza Transcoder templating system also provides a more convenient method (instead of the .smil file) to group streams together in logical groups (called "Stream Name Groups") for live playback. These groups are defined in the template and are available using the ngrp: stream name prefix for adaptive bitrate delivery.
    Please let us know what you find about this.



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