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Thread: Outgoing data rate is much lower then Incoming

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    Default Outgoing data rate is much lower then Incoming

    Running Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.5

    We have an RTMP stream delivered over a not-so-robust network, which slows down at certain hours of the day.

    The current goal is not to overcome the slowdown, but to resolve the following issues which remain even past the busy hours when the network speed is back to optimal.

    Wowza control panel (Under "Incoming streams") reports the outgoing data rate to be much lower than the incoming stream.
    For example, where as the "Bytes In" correctly show @700Kbits/s, "Bytes Out" shows 40Kbits/s (per connected clients.)

    When trying to view this stream, either video, or both video & audio is corrupted/frozen/non-present.

    This is resolved by either restarting the live application or the source encoder.
    I am not sure which is the cause, since either action results in restarting the stream.

    In the mean time, other live streams fed from the internal network are working fine, so I believe it is not an issue with the server hardware, nor a problem in the connection between Server->viewer client.

    All viewers are connect via RTMP.

    The product (model) of the origin encoder with the problem stream is unknown as the stream is sent from our partner company.

    I would appreciate advise on possible causes, or hints on how to diagnose this case.

    Thank you.

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    I noticed that you are using an older Wowza Streaming Engine release (4.0.5). A lot of Wowza Manager issues were fixed since that particular version was released. Can you upgrade to the latest Wowza 4.2 version and check if you see the same issue happening.
    Please take a look at the "How to update your Wowza Streaming Engine installation" forum article for instructions on how to do that.


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    Hi Zoran,
    I have read the advised upgrade procedures and have a question.

    I read that with Wowza versions 4 and above on Windows, upgrading is as simple as running the provided batch file. (This I have successfully downloaded now.)
    Just to double check, may I assume that configurations are generally expected to be passed on safely regardless of possible changes in server functions?

    Thank you.

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    David, it is always safest to backup important config files. but in the case of updating, it appears it is not required.



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