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Thread: Error: RTSPRequestAdapter.getAuthenticationHandler: Unknown method: 0

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    Default Error: RTSPRequestAdapter.getAuthenticationHandler: Unknown method: 0

    Wowza newbie here ... I've only seen a few references to this error on this forum with no real resolution.

    I installed the trial version of Wowza that I have running on my machine. I have written an Android app that connects to this via RTSP socket.

    I have tried to send RTSP ANNOUNCE messages to the server. If I turn off authentication for RTSP in the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager (Applications->live->Incoming Security->Open (No Authentication Required) and also edit the Application.xml file to specify <PublishMethod>none</PublishMethod> and send an ANNOUNCE message, the first time I get a success (200) response. Any messages I send after that (i.e. OPTIONS, SETUP, etc.) show up in the server logs as:

    RTSPRequestAdapter.getAuthenticationHandler: Unknown method: 0

    I have also tried turning on authentication by specifying 'digest' for the <PublishMethod> and turning authentication for RTSP back on, and I get the same response when I send an authenticated ANNOUNCE message using realm, nonce from the response to the 401 Unauthorized message.

    I haven't changed any other settings from what I remember. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    This will now be handled in the support ticket created (136382).


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