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Thread: Order of layers in SS manifest. Does it matter?

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    Default Order of layers in SS manifest. Does it matter?

    The manifest snip below does not have the layers in order of bitrate. When layer switching events occur are the layers changed according to their order in the manifest or their bitrate?

    In other words, does the QualityLevel index value matter or will the client choose the next closest bitrate when a switch event is required and regardless of the index value.

    <StreamIndex Type="video" Url="QualityLevels({bitrate})/Fragments(video={start time})" Name="video" Chunks="2622" QualityLevels="5">
    <QualityLevel Index="0" Bitrate="1194298" FourCC="AVC1" MaxWidth="854" MaxHeight="356" CodecPrivateData="000000016742e01f965281b05fcd3e02a100000303e90000bb80eb00093401272f7be0a00000000168 c92060cc80"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="1" Bitrate="1581594" FourCC="AVC1" MaxWidth="854" MaxHeight="356" CodecPrivateData="000000016742e01f965281b05fcd3e02a100000303e90000bb80eb000c480189af7be0a00000000168 c92060cc80"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="2" Bitrate="249229" FourCC="AVC1" MaxWidth="480" MaxHeight="200" CodecPrivateData="000000016742e01e965283c37f2e02a100000303e90000bb80e4a00f5801ed2f7be0a00000000168c9 2060cc80"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="3" Bitrate="597291" FourCC="AVC1" MaxWidth="568" MaxHeight="236" CodecPrivateData="000000016742e01e96528120ff2de02a1000003e90000bb80e8e0093401272f7be0a0000000168c920 60cc80"/>
    <QualityLevel Index="4" Bitrate="846400" FourCC="AVC1" MaxWidth="704" MaxHeight="292" CodecPrivateData="000000016742e01e965281604ff3e02a1000003e90000bb80e8e00d0c01a22f7be0a0000000168c920 60cc80"/>


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    It's really down to the player to make the decision.
    We know for sure that the bitrate and resolution (width and height) are a factor in the decision, especially WRT to the player size on the embedded page.


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