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Thread: How to know Timestamp from RTSP/RTMP Streaming Source?

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    Default How to know Timestamp from RTSP/RTMP Streaming Source?


    I`m noob developer and i trying to make a remote device system with Android Smartphone.

    I use open source(libstreaming) to streaming my phone camera to wowza media server.

    My desktop is server, and other desktop is client to visit webpage with flowplayer.

    Overall is,

    Android - RTSP - WOWZA - RTMP - Internet Browser.

    But it has big issue. DELAY.

    So i want to know close latency(or delay), i research the protocol.

    as a result, i found key which is RTSP(with RTP) has timestamp header.

    if i know timestamp, i try to sync and display delay to user but i can`t find how to see this value with wowza.

    please help me to go to next step. thanks.

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    To log the keyframe timcodes in the Wowza logs you can add the following property to the Streams/Properties container in [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml. This instructs the Wowza Streaming Engine to log PTS (presentation timestamp) and DTS (decoder timestamp) information for every video keyframe.
    You can also add Properties using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager by following the instructions in the article below.
    How to get started as a Wowza Streaming Engine Manager administrator

    You will add the following as a Custom Property
    Path: /Root/Application/Streams
    Name: debugKeyFrameTimecodes
    Type: Boolean
    Value: true
    I recommend that you also take a look at our GoCoder App for Android devices.


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