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Thread: Samsung S4 LTE back camera distortion

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    Question Samsung S4 LTE back camera distortion

    Samsung S4 LTE (SGH-1337M)
    android v5.0.1
    KNOX 2.3

    When i use the front cam (2Mp selfie cam) video is fine.

    When i switch to the front cam (13Mp) the video shows streaks vertically,
    (top to bottom, even if phone is rotated 45 degrees, the streaks align top of phone to the base of the phone, they don't rotate with the picture, they align with the hardware),
    that pulsate, no matter what resolution i choose or setting changes, the pulsating streaks show up.

    I haven't been able to connect to the one service i want to use gocoder with to see if these streaks are local only or also showing on the video stream.

    The service i'm trying to connect to is -

    When i try to connect i get a "connection refused" message followed by "no connection" pop-up.

    I cant say if this is a connectcast service issue when trying to connect or with gocoder.

    At this point my main concern is the visable video distortion and if it's distorting the video stream ?.

    PS: The built in camera app shows no distortion for either front or back cameras, so i can only assume the gocoder app is at fault here !.
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    We'll need to look at the distortion issue more closely, can you provide a clear screen shot of what you are describing?

    The Android version of GoCoder connects to Wowza Streaming Engine using the Wowz protocol. This is a proprietary
    protocol and will not work with non-Wowza Streaming Engine based services.


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