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Thread: Flash MLive Encoder published to Wowza shows 1 connection in Monitoring but no stream

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    Default Flash MLive Encoder published to Wowza shows 1 connection in Monitoring but no stream

    Flash MLive Encoder 3.2 published to Wowza 4 shows 1 connection in Monitoring but no stream in Incoming Streams.

    I have not installed the Flash Media Encoder Authentication Addin. I think it is not necessary because without it, I still can connect to Wowza with publisher username and password .

    The problem is that there is no stream in Incoming Streams though the monitoring page shows that there is 1 RTMP connection.


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    Someone may have connected to the Wowza server through FMLE but not yet published a stream. This will show one RTMP connection with no incoming streams available.

    I hope this answers your question.



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    Thank you but that does not solve the problem. What is the reason and how to solve it?
    I entered the streamname in the stream part of FLME. Why is there no stream ? The encoder asked me to enter username and password. And I entered. And it was connected to Wowza. What is the reason that there is no stream ?

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    After you have entered your username and password and made the connection to Wowza, then you will need to hit the "start" button at the bottom of FMLE window.

    You can also check the logs for a "publish" event to see if the stream has actually been published.



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    Thank you very much . In my window, the Start button was hidden completely at the bottom, have to drag the window up to be able to see it.

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    Sounds like its all working now?

    Thanks for the update and glad I could help.


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