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Thread: Entrypoint fail after stop and new start.

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    Default Entrypoint fail after stop and new start.

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm experiencing a strange behavior and would like to know if it's only me or maybe a problem with Brazilian entry points.

    I create a new live stream selecting Brazil, then start it and can use it without problems, after finishing my transmission I stop it. Later, when I start it again the entrypoint address doesn't resolve a IP address, it's not a problem with DNS cache, the entrypoint address stop to resolve after the first stop to the stream and doesn't work anymore.

    This behavior started to happen after I upgrade my account from the trial, during the trials everything worked perfectly, I noticed that the not trial streams are using AkamaiEntryPoints and it's not displaying the IP address of the server on the dashboard.

    Can someone help me on this subject?

    Best regards, Saverio.

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    This issue is now being addressed in support ticket #137499.

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