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    Default End of Flash Support

    Hey everyone!

    With the Flash discontinuity in Firefox and Chrome I would like to know which are options for live streaming based on RTMP currently. Any indication for a player like Flowplayer, JWPlayer, Videojs and a format for display in browsers?

    Grateful now,

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    It's likely the move will be to HTML5 browser players in the future.
    For now many players are covering their options by having support for both Flash and HTML5 modes, such as JW Player and Flow player that you mention.
    There's a great article here on where HTML5 Video is currently.


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    Hey Daren,

    I have seen many players as I have quoted say that HTML5 should function normally . The problem is that live streaming using RTMP for transmissions and it is based on Flash. These players have swf files to run , for example , which has presented problems mainly in Firefox a couple of weeks ago since they disabled the Flash by security issues to be resolved.
    You can see examples opening URLs below in Firefox:

    In the short term Wowza plans to offer other forms of playback beyond formats RTMP , HLS (flawed in many Android devices) , HDS (Flash problem too) , Microsoft Smooth Streaming ( discontinued Silverlight)?

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