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Thread: Custom MPD redirect

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    Default Custom MPD redirect

    Already posted as comment on the MPEG-DASH page. No feedback so trying here:

    Is it possible, or can it be made possible, to force the Wowza IP address (instead of domain) in the mpd manifest Location?

    Our problem:
    Clients are directed to the liverepeater-edge server pool through DNS round robin. The client's live stream freezes, when a browser tries to access a different edge after a DNS refresh.

    Player sends initial request to server A and receives a mpd with Location
    Minutes later the browser resolves DNS for again, and lands on a different server, where the session does not exist, and stream stops

    I guess this would be solved if the mpd Location response contained an IP address instead of domain.

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    You can set the domain name (or ip address) to use in the Location header by setting the following property

    Path: /Root/Application/HTTPStreamer/Properties
    Name: mpegdashPlaylistHostDomain
    Type: String

    This should fix the location header however, it may also need a BaseURL tag that isn't currently supported. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are looking into it.


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