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Thread: help for configuring wowza and MPEG2-TS

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    Default help for configuring wowza and MPEG2-TS


    I need help for configuring Wowza server to send two streams, one rtmp and one udp. I am using wowza in my local network and here is my configuration. I have a computer with video capture device and I want to send the video from this device to some users in my local network, actually there are two of them. On the computer with video capture device (IP address I have installed Adobe live encoder and Wowza server, and I am sending live stream from adobe encoder to Wowza server using rtmp protocol on port 1935 (rtmp:// - name of the stream: trans). One of the users has IPTV set-top box witch supports rtmp and it works perfectly, user can watch streamed video on his TV (I put rtmp:// as one channel). But, the other one has Mediastar Evolution 780 set-top box witch only supports udp protocol and MPEG2-TS strems (tipically, it can be configured on two ways - udp://multicast_IP_addressort for MPEG2 stream or udp://port).

    Can someone help me how to configure Wowza server to deliver this another stream or just to deliver one stream for MPEG2-TS device, the other one I can discard.


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    In order to push an MPEG-TS stream (multicast or unicast) from your Wowza Streaming Engine, you can use the Stream Targets feature. You should follow the instructions described in the "How to use MPEG-TS to distribute live streams" forum article.


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