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Thread: Moving parts in broadcasting live video streams

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    Default Moving parts in broadcasting live video streams


    I don't understand what are the moving parts if I want to broadcast live video streams.

    Short introduction: I want to build a very scalable website, to which users will be able to login and start streaming video from their webcam, and other users will be able to browse these streams.

    So I know I need:
    * wowza (which is a steaming engine)
    * a CDN (for example Amazon)
    * anything else?
    Is this correct, or am I completely wrong?

    A read lots of articles and still don't understand the full picture
    Please assist.


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    Hello there.

    I suggest you post a request to the find a consultant forum as this will take a fair amount of work depending on your requirments.

    A consultant can assist you in building this out, or simply advise you on the steps you need to take.



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