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Thread: How to recording and playing back videos as mp4 on Wowza Streaming Cloud

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    Question How to record and play back videos as mp4 on Wowza Streaming Cloud

    Hi there,

    We used Wowza last year, set up on our server, and it worked really well.

    I could record streams to mp4 and we could play them back.

    This year we're moving to the Cloud version of Wowza, and whilst I can seem to record and play back a live stream using the (Flash) test suite I set up last year, I can't work out how to record them.

    • In the control panel settings I have "record stream" checked
    • In my flash app, I connect, then publish using the following code: stream.publish('mp4:' + streamName, 'record');
    • Whilst I did see one recording in the "Recordings" list, I can't seem to do any more, and nor could I play it. I could download it, but again, it wouldn't play anything
    • If I swap rtmp:// for http:// and attempt to build a URL to a recorded mp4 file, I just see "Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Monthly Edition build14521" but no video file

    Can anyone help us here?

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    Currently VOD playback of mp4 files, recorded from live or otherwise, is not supported in Wowza Streaming Cloud.
    This may be possible in the future, but currently there is no time frame for implementation.


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