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Thread: About audioindex settings

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    Default About audioindex settings

    Hi all,

    this is my first post

    I have a question... about audioindex option.

    Now.. I have two MP4 file,
    file 1 : have 1 audio channel
    file 2 : have 4 audio channel.

    When I play MP4 file on web by below option,
    then file 2, play 3 audio channel only. Good.
    But file 1, play 1 audio channel, I think.(I expect no sound)

    Can I setting to play file 1(audioindex=2) with no sound?


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    Hi lss0369 and welcome to Wowza Forums!

    Setting the audioindex to a non-existing track number should return a null track, which would result in no sound. When you tested this, did you still get an audio track in your playback?


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