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Thread: Simulated live with actual live segments interspersed

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    Default Simulated live with actual live segments interspersed

    If trying to create something like an online TV station / radio station where there are prerecorded segments for much of the time, but then there are also some live segments for periods of the day, how can that be accomplished using Wowza? When people play the stream, they should get whatever content is currently playing / airing - like a simlive type of setup.


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    Hello there.

    Please take a look at this module to see if it will fit your needs:
    How to insert a pre-roll or mid-roll for video on demand playback in Flash RTMP client



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    That says it only applies to Flash clients, so that wouldn't be suitable enough. In researching some more, it sounds like shoutcast / icecast may be the way to go for this case if doing audio only. Thanks

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    To use Wowza for scheduled content like a TV or radio station you can create a "live" application and use the StreamPublisher Module to schedule on demand content as a live stream and even schedule live streams to be within the schedule itself. Please see the article below for more information and configuration details on how to schedule content using Wowza Streaming Engine.
    How to schedule streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine


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