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Thread: The size of recorded live streaming files at S3 was 0

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    Default The size of recorded live streaming files at S3 was 0

    I want to record live streams to S3. I mounted the Amazon S3 bucket with the follow command.
    > /usr/local/bin/s3fs my.S3.Bucket -o default_acl=private /mnt/s3
    I checked the result with 'df -h' and it seemed successful. Then, I just followed "How to use the FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3".
    After streaming, my.S3.Bucket contained a myStream.mp4 file. However, the size was 0.

    Any comments and suggestions?

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    You should avoid having Wowza write directly to the S3 mounted drive. When recording the file, a good and reliable disk I/O speed is very important.
    A much safer way would be to record the live stream locally and when the recording is done, copy the resulting MP4 file on your S3 bucket, either by using the S3FS mounted drive, or much more safer by using the AWS CLI tools.
    In order to copy a live stream recording in an alternate location, when that stream is done and the recording is finished, you can use the "ModuleMediaWriterFileMover" module, as described in the How to move recordings from live streams (ModuleMediaWriterFileMover) forum article.


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    Thank you for your quick response, Zoran.
    I DID avoid recording streaming files directly to the S3. So, I followed the article which you explained.
    One strange point is:
    After mounting s3 bucket to /mnt/s3, the result of 'df -h' was successful first. However, after I accessed the /mnt/s3 by shell command such as 'ls /mnt/s3', mounting was failed with some error messageIf I just record

    Look at the following commands and the results.

    $ /usr/local/bin/s3fs my.S3.Bucket -o allow_other default_acl=private /mnt/s3
    $ df -h
    s3fs 256T 0 256T 0% /mnt/s3 <-- First, it looked successful
    $ ls /mnt/s3
    ls: reading directory /mnt/s3: Software caused connection abort <-- ???
    $ df -h
    df: 'mnt/s3': Transport endpoint is not connected <-- ???!!!!

    Any ideas?
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    I close this problem.
    After I corrected security credentials (access key ID and secret access key), the problem was resolved.

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