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Thread: getting httpSession from IHTTPStreamerCupertinoVODActionNotify3 event

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    Default getting httpSession from IHTTPStreamerCupertinoVODActionNotify3 event

    I want to reject session based on the number of chunks sent. I used onFillChunkEnd event, and in there I rejected session like this: fileIndex.getHttpStreamerSession().rejectSession();

    where fieInfo is IHTTPStreamerCupertinoIndex.

    This indeed rejects the session, but my player is just stuck. If I used HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino session object inside of onHTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate only thing I had to do is call rejectSession() on it, and player would stop with message about stream not available. My question is what is the difference, and should I fire some event manually in order to let browser know that stream is done.

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    I'd suggest alternatively counting requests on a per chunk level by using the following API set:

    public void onHTTPStreamerRequest(IHTTPStreamerSession httpSession, IHTTPStreamerRequestContext reqContext)
    public void onHTTPCupertinoStreamerRequest(HTTPStreamerSessionCupertino httpSession, HTTPStreamerCupertinoRequestContext reqContext)
    public void onHTTPSanJoseStreamerRequest(HTTPStreamerSessionSanJose httpSession, HTTPStreamerSanJoseRequestContext reqContext)
    public void onHTTPSmoothStreamingStreamerRequest(HTTPStreamerSessionSmoothStreamer httpSession, HTTPStreamerSmoothStreamingRequestContext reqContext)
    public void onHTTPMPEGDashStreamerRequest(HTTPStreamerSessionMPEGDash httpSession, HTTPStreamerMPEGDashRequestContext reqContext)
    With the previous method, I think its more relating to the chunks created by the packetizer vs being delivered to the client.


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