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Thread: Download a .mp4 from wowza?

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    Default Download a .mp4 from wowza?

    Hey Guys,

    Is it possible to download the .mp4 file from wowza?

    I would like to record a .mp4 file from a rtmp stream, then download the .mp4 file. I know I can setup a web server on the wowza machine and host the .mp4; but I would like to serve it directly from Wowza.

    Secondly, on a similar note. Is it possible to grab a .mp4 file stored in the mediacache on a wowza server?

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    Wowza Streaming Engine is a streaming server and by default you will only be able to stream the videos from your application's content folder. However, you can try creating a custom Wowza module, similar to the one desribed int he "How to protect your SWF files by loading them from Wowza Media Server" forum article and have the VOD file delivered by Wowza as a downloadable asset.

    The video on demand files that the Media Cache is retrieving from a remote location are stored locally in multiple fragments and are not available as a single video on demand file.


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