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Thread: Recording live streams with URL queries: user authentication and rights management

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    Default Recording live streams with URL queries: user authentication and rights management

    Dear wowza community,

    we use RTMP-based encoders which will be lent to people in our organisation. Some of the people want to record their live streams. Therefore we use HTTP get method with URL queries and user authentication which is described in the article, so the people can start and stop the recordings themselves.

    The disadvantage is that the user must have administrator rights to start and stop recording. So, it is also possible to use this user/password to log in into wowza streaming engine manager. Is there any other possibility to restrict the rights of this user so it is only possible to start and stop recording?

    thanks & with best regards,

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    Hi Anton,

    You can use the following url which will give you access to a very basic recorder interface:

    It uses the same credentials as the main interface however, you can configure users that only have read only access on the main interface and they will still be able to control the recordings from here.


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    Dear Roger,

    thank you for your help. Do you have a hint how to configure a user who has only access to this interface?

    thanks & best regards,

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    Hi Anton,

    You can add a user via Wowza Streaming Engine Manager as a read-only user, which will prevent the user from making changes to Wowza Streaming Engine should they log into the Manager, but they can still control streams via the HTTP Provider using a URL such as

    http://[readonlyuser]:[readonlypass]@[wowza-ip-address]:8086/livestreamrecord (list all active streams)
    http://[readonlyuser]:[readonlypass]@[wowza-ip-address]:8086/livestreamrecord?app=live&streamname=myStream&action=startRecording (start recording)

    Does that address your question?


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    Dear Paul,

    Yes, thank you, that is the answer of my question (sorry, it was a misunderstanding on my side - until now I thought that read only-users did not have rights to start/stop recordings).

    thanks & with best regards, Anton

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    Thanks for the update and glad to hear this is sorted now.



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