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Thread: MPEG-DASH over HTTPS possible? How?

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    Question MPEG-DASH over HTTPS possible? How?

    Dear Wowza Community and Support - Team,

    How we can set up Wowza so we can use SSL for streaming MPEG DASH ?
    So the play url must look like https://IP-ADRESS:1935/live/TestStream/manifest.mpd

    Is there any instruction on how to setup and what the requirements are ?
    First of all i think we would need a SSL certificate. What next?

    I couldn't find any instructions regarding this.

    Thank you for your time and help.

    best regards

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    I recommend that you get a SSL certificate using our StreamLock service.
    How to get SSL certificates from the StreamLock service

    The player you're using would also need to support streaming of MPEG-DASH via HTTPS.


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    Dear Jason,

    Thank you for helping out. it works just fine.

    best regards
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    Thanks for the update.


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