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Thread: Getting accurate bandwidth usage per application

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    Default Getting accurate bandwidth usage per application


    Im looking into ways to get accurate bandwidth usage of applications for a month or longer.

    I know I can get the current bandwidt usages with the REST api with /monitoring/current and monitor/historic. As I have read into the docs the historic rest api does not give me data on a 5 second interval correct?

    What are best practices to do this?? Logging the current bandwidht usage for every running application in a own database to get more specific results? So over time we have a use database with accurate stats?

    Our goals is to set a limit in GB's for a user when we create an application for them.

    Would love to hear suggestions!


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    You can see accurate bandwidth usage graphs using the statistics provided in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.
    Is using the Manager not possible for the checking of the bandwidth usage?

    It could be possible to write a custom Module that edits the Application.xml and restarts it so that nothing can be published once a flag is checked, if that flag was based on a total current bandwidth check which could be on reset every month. Of course it would be a significant amount of work, so if required please see the Find a consultant forum.


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    Thanks for your response Jason,

    Just another question. How accurate is the bandwidth usage over a month in the Wowza Statistics? I'm reading for the past 12 hours the sample rate is 5 seconds.

    What about the sample rate for a month?

    Would love to hear it!

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