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Thread: Transcode streams by using a liverepeater-edge configuration

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    Default Transcode streams by using a liverepeater-edge configuration

    I want to transcode streams by using a liverepeater-edge configuration. Pick a stream that the liverepeated-edge has incoming and transcode it back to our origin servers. I see it tries to do that by publishing 360p, all, etc to the originating origin server but that is no good. I use stream key authentication on the origin servers. Making a stream key for each transcoded stream isn't a problem but how do I tell the transcoder to use a certain stream key in the above trancoder module example?

    Thanks for your help!

    Note: Originally asked via Reply in another thread. Decided this needed its own thread.

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    A "liverepeater-edge" application does not have the Transcoder feature enabled. In order for the transcoder to start, the stream need to be published on that application. The "liverepeater-edge" stream type application is only repeating the stream from the origin source, whenever that stream is being requested by a playback client.
    You should publish your stream on the origin application, transcode it through that application and use the liverepeater-edge application to repeat and deliver that stream (transcoded stream as well) to the playback client.


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    I have hardware dedicated to transcoding and hardware dedicated to origin servers. The hardware on the origin servers is not capable of transcoding which is why I want to transcode using a repeater edge configuration. This doesn't seem like too much to ask of the wowza engine.

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    You would need to manually enable the edge application, outside of the Manager, as this isn't a commonly used configuration.
    This article, How to use the Wowza Transcoder on a Liverepeater edge, does briefly describe how to do this.


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