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Thread: Record mp4 using transcoder problem

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    Unhappy Record mp4 using transcoder problem

    Hello Everyone,

    Please do guide me on how to do the right thing to make my project work.

    I have a project which record video and audio from flash(h264 format and SPEEX sound codec) and the output publish as mp4(h264 format and AAC sound codec using transcoder). The video record is fine but the problem is the audio, its not recorded. I can't hear any sound from the recorded video.

    I have similar wowza project before that it stream an mp4 video using transcoder and its working fine, I didn't know why when it comes to record I cant get same result as it stream. Is there any additional configuration?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.


    Here's my info of application.xml

    <StreamType>record</StreamType> if I use live-record, I cant record a video

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    Are you trying to playback the audio in Flash or an HTTP player? The Speex format is not supported in non-Flash clients so you may want to transcode it to AAC for best compatibility. The following article describes this process.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    My recorder is flash encoded as h264 and speex sound codec. And my output should be mp4 and speex should be converted to AAC using transcoder but unluckily I can't get the result that I wanted. I want to play the recorded mp4 on HTTP player especially on mobile devices.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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    Are you trying with the 'Audio Only' transcoder profile? That's the one to use if you already have H.264 video and the audio is speex. With that profile the video will just be passed through untouched,
    and the audio will get converted to AAC.
    The live stream that would be transcoded and created would be played back as the following example URL:
    for flash playback:
    HLS for iOS device playback
    The filename that would show up as recorded in the content folder, in this case, would resemble:
    and perhaps some date and time stamps in the file name as well.


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