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Thread: AXIS 241Q Blade Video Server live streams does not work

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    Angry AXIS 241Q Blade Video Server live streams does not work

    I'm having issues with testing the stream when I create live application to AXIS 241Q Blade Video Server. I can connect directly to the Axis server to all 4 streams using VLC for playback, but when I add it as an application, it fails to playback. The test player is not giving me much info on error. Is there a way I can find out more about the issue?

    Incoming streams on the live application shows that I have network throughput coming in so it is reading data. I have another live application for an IP Axis camera and it test out fine on the test player. What am I missing? Thanks for any info.


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    Looking at the specs for the AXIS 241Q, it supports MPEG4 part 2, but not H.264. If that's the case, then it can be imported by Wowza, but not played back directly. The streams will require transcoding with the Wowza transcoder.
    You would then need to specify the transcoded stream names in the players for successful playback.

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    Thanks Daren for the quick response. That makes perfect sense. I checked the Logs under Server Tab in the Manager Console and saw the errors as you stated. Transcoding fixed the stream and it's playing perfectly.

    On another note, I had to manually add the Stream Files from the Manager console since I could not make the connection from the Axis 241Q. Doing this doesn't automatically connect to make an incoming streams. This means that I must make that connection every time the application is restarted. Seems like a pain if you have multiple streams under one application. Do you know if that is by design?

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    Currently the MediaCaster function will start streams automatically if they're defined as a "Startup Stream" but by design, restarting the Application does not restart the streams. I will add your comments to our feature request backlog for consideration.

    However, it is possible to create code that would restart the streams upon Application restart using the MediaCaster API. If you search online you will find there are 3rd party websites that show examples of how to create Server Listeners for just this function but please note, we do not provide support for any problems with or caused by 3rd party code.

    Best regards,

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