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Thread: I need help with configuration multicast in server with two network interface

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    Post I need help with configuration multicast in server with two network interface

    Currently I have a server with two network cards, the first is connected to a network that provides access to a multicast and the second card is a public IP address from which you can consult online. I was trying to set up a live streaming service, but I want to play it generates the following error: "Source file or stream Could not be found or access was denied.".
    Any idea why the streaming is not successful?

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    If you're trying to pull a multicast stream into Wowza Streaming Engine on a server with dual network interface's, you'll want to specify which interface should be used to listen for multicast streams. The following article describes how to specify the multicast ingest interface.

    You will also need to configure a .stream file to connect Wowza Streaming Engine to your multicast stream.

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    configure the 2 files as in the examples but the message remains "Source stream or file Could not be found or access was denied." .
    Any ideas ?

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    Which operating system are you using on the server? There's a configuration change required on some CentOS version 6 and newer releases when using multiple routing paths. Please see the following information for details:

    If you still have issues, please open a ticket with our Support Team.

    Attach a copy of the following directories to your email:

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