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Thread: timeout from edge to client

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    Default timeout from edge to client

    Hi members,

    I am developing a new application on IOS/android using rtmp to publish from origin to edge servers (live replicated by edge).

    The point is:

    All timeouts are oriented to reset connections between edge and origin but, from the player perspective i did not receive any kind of feedback from the edge server when playing in IOS and origin have a problem. Playing in android it is OK i got the timeout in a few seconds.

    Example ;

    Error in origin ( broadcaster stopped to upload video w/o notice) -> error in edge (timeout bcoz origin stopped to send) --> it was supposed to have some error on player but, it occurs only in android, not in IOS , it still playing and playing forever (no errors).

    There is some way to the edge server to warn player that it stopped to receive video from origin ?

    Bellow is the brief of the app (edge server):

    Application Description
    -Not Set-
    Playback Types
    Apple HLS
    Adobe RTMP
    Adobe HDS
    Microsoft Smooth Streaming

    Primary Origin URL

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    Hello. Please open a ticket with support to get this issue resolved in a timely manor. To do so please zip up your [wowza-install-dir]/conf and [wowza-install-dir]/logs folders and send them to

    You can review this guide for opening tickets with support for more details:
    How to create a compressed zip file in Windows, OS X, and Linux



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