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Thread: Iphone streaming AND locally recording at the same time

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    Default Iphone streaming AND locally recording at the same time

    I am trying to find an app or even if the wowza streamer can do this, I was live streaming an event the other week and woudl have loved to record high quality video at the same time on my iphone to later edit and produce a finished item but i couldn't , it was one or the other. I know you can record at the wowza server but that is compressed and subject to the quality of the stream, in fact its even more important to have a good high quality local recording if the stream gets choppy or drops quality.

    anyone know of an app that can do this or can the wowza steaming encoder?

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    The Wowza GoCoder app can't record locally at the moment, but I will pass along your interest in this feature to our product management team, who can consider adding this as future GoCoder functionality.


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