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    Default Wowza hang

    I'm running with a custom live stream record module to upload recordings to s3 using an http call. After about 5 days or so wowza will stop responding to requests. Both it's simple http page and stream requests fail. There are no error logs and it's not a hard crash.. but it just stops responding to requests.

    I've tried to use the G1 garbage collector but to no avail.. in fact it caused it to fail faster. The jvm memory isn't unusually high either. The only other item I have running in concert with this is the new relic jar which monitors my java application.

    Based on what I've mentioned.. any red flags pop up? I did have debugging turned on (-Xdebug) but removed that hoping it would help.. but it didn't seem to.

    The custom module simply starts a live recorder and limits the stream record duration to 4 hours.. once a 4 hour chunk is recorded it uses the amazon api to upload that to s3.

    Ubuntu 14.04 with the jvm shipped by wowza running on an Amazon c3.large.

    Thanks for any and all help on trying to track this down.


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    Hi Jake. You might open a ticket with support by sending a zipped copy of the following directories to



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