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Thread: Connection Counts Using Cloudfront

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    Default Connection Counts Using Cloudfront


    I have a wowza/cloudfront setup using Cloudformation. I didn't expect wowza-address:8086/connectioncounts to work as there would only be the one connection to the server for cloudfront but it seems to, should it?

    I can see in the browser console that all chunks downloaded using the m3u8 file are on cloudfront and not direct form the server, any research Ive done on the web says it doesn't so I'm a bit baffled.



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    Yes, that is correct. For a particular stream, you should only see one client connection on your Wowza Streaming Engine server. AWS Cloudfront will request the live(or vod) stream from the Wowza server, will cache locally the .m3u8 descriptor files and the .ts media chunks and will deliver them to playback clients requesting that particular stream from one of the Cloudfront edge servers.
    You should be able to find the usage statistics in the Cloudfront reports, as Wowza Streaming Engine will report only one connection for each stream (the one from Cloudfront).


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