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Thread: Adaptive streaming over HLS

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    Default Adaptive streaming over HLS

    I want to offer multiple bit rates over HTTP using JWPLayer. As I understood JW support this over .m3u8, but how should I setup wowza to offer this? I'm delivering VOD.

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    You will need to have multiple renditions of the file transcoded and keyframe aligned, at the various bitrates you wish to offer. Information on transcoding for VOD playback can be found here:
    How To Encode Video On Demand Content

    Once you have the content transcoded, you will need to build a SMIL file to direct the player to the correct file given their bandwidth or selection. The information on how to setup this file can be found here:
    How To Set Up Video On Demand Streaming

    For best protocol compatibility using JWPlayer you will probably want to use the following URL format:

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