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Thread: How to resize the video(h265) with low CPU consume

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    Default How to resize the video(h265) with low CPU consume

    We have 20 ip cameras can output hevc(h.265) format. 1280x720 resolution.

    We want to watch streams on PC with 720P and 360P on mobile devices.

    Now, our configuration is:

    Transrate enable two size:
    • On PC 720P passthrough the camera output.
    • On Mobile, Transrate 360P with h265.

    I tested on my PC, Intel i5 4460 3.2Ghz. Only connect one ip-camera then consume 45%. Is the cpu consume of transrating 720P to 360P so high?

    I tested 9 ip-camera connecting, 100% cpu consume.

    Is there any way to transrate 720p to 360p with low cpu consume?

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    Looking at your processor specifications, it appears that with the latest drivers it is capable of HEVC accelerated decoding. Quick Sync HEVC H.265 acceleration is already in our feature request backlog and should be added to a future release of Wowza Streaming Engine. Once this has been added, you can use Quick Sync to offload GPU processes and reduce the load on your CPU.

    If you cannot wait for Quick Sync to be added, we currently support NVidia accelerated HEVC H.265 Transcoding in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.2.0. So you could consider adding a supported NVidia card to your systems.

    Best regards,

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