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Thread: HLS Stream troubles, with different iphone.

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    Default HLS Stream troubles, with different iphone.

    I have a strange problem with HLS streaming.
    First of all we have a IP Camera with RTSP Stream (1080p) in City B. RTSP transfer to our server (which is in City A) and restreaming to HLS for iOS.
    In City A - HLS is ok, all iOS devices open direct link and playing them smoothly.
    In City B - no iOS device couldn't open it. (First it shows a play buttom, then it jump to a top of screen and disappear, after ~10-15 seconds it appear with crossed play button).

    If we change the bitrate (1080p) to any - the situation still the same.
    If we change the resolution to 720p and put any bitrate (512kbps to 8192(!!!) kbps) - it play everywhere.
    It telling us that the problem is not with a bandwidth.

    Also if in City B i will put link in VLC iOS app it will also play it, but not in Safari (default player).

    What can be the reason of that "mystic" iphone behavior.


    This is one of the HLS streams, one of that link will work.

    Also - this is how it look like on my iphone 5 iOS 9.0 (on 8.0 still the same)

    The RSTP Metadata.
    title : Media Presentation
    Duration: N/A, start: 0.160000, bitrate: N/A
    Stream #0.0: Video: h264 (Main), yuv420p, 1920x1080, 23.58 fps, 90k tbn
    { "streams" : [
    "index" : 0,
    "codec_name" : "h264",
    "codec_long_name" : "H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10",
    "codec_type" : "video",
    "codec_time_base" : "0/2",
    "codec_tag_string" : "[0][0][0][0]",
    "codec_tag" : "0x0000",
    "profile" : "Main",
    "width" : 1920,
    "height" : 1080,
    "has_b_frames" : 0,
    "pix_fmt" : "yuv420p",
    "level" : 42,
    "avg_frame_rate" : "283/12",
    "time_base" : "1/90000",
    "start_time" : "0.160000",
    "duration" : "N/A"

    Visual INFO.

    City A________________________City B

    [server] _______ <----[RTSP]____ [camera]
    [server]_________[HLS]---->______[iOS device] Doesn't work
    [server]_________[HLS]---->______City A and near ~300km [iOS device] Work

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    Ok. New additional:

    If download playlistfile and take chunklist_???????.m3u8

    and add instead of playlist it will play smooth.


    What can be the problem with that playlist file?

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