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Thread: Allow RTMP only on unique/valid stream name

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    Default Allow RTMP only on unique/valid stream name


    I need a workaround of allowing RTMP streaming to valid stream names only, for a public streaming platform (twitch/youtube)
    Basically right now:

    1. You need to use userassword authentication, even so, they are global userassword which can be used for any stream name. Even if we create a unique user/pass for our users, they can still stream to other people's stream or use any other stream name as well to stream
    2. Can allow public RTMP streaming. However, it will still let users stream to whatever stream name they want, instead of a stream name unique to them.

    We want to do it something like Twitch/Youtube live, each user will have a stream name specific to him to which we can stream to, it will be unique to him and our frontend player/channel will play his stream using that name.
    One solution to this was, let everyone but we just keep a database of the unique names we created for our user, and use that name in the player to show their stream (aka their channel will still only show their own stream)

    But there is a big problem to this, allowing them to stream to any other stream name will still eat our server resources, use DVR/Transcode features and will cause a mess.


    So how can we achieve it this way, that the server/wowza only allows connections to the stream names we create or have in database i.e. connection to specific stream names
    Or rather, how can we create a public streaming platform with multiple users having unique streams

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    Depending on how many users you have, you could look into creating a separate Application for each user and utilizing the ModuleSecureURLParams to assign unique credentials to each application.

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