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Thread: HLS Frame Accurate Playlist - Help needed

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    Question HLS Frame Accurate Playlist - Help needed


    I have done quite a bit of reading and cannot seem to find out how to create a custom playlist for my HLS stream that is fame accurate.

    Basically what we need to do is to have a person watch back a list of videos. Eg. VOD File 1 from frame (X) to frame (Y), then jump to the next VOD video file - VOD 2 frame (A) to (B), VOD File 3 (M) to (N).... etc.

    We need to have these videos playback in a smooth single experience (IE they should not have the video stop and buffer between clips).

    There is also a need to have Closed captions playing back as well with the videos.

    I am trying to avoid doing this on the player as I suspect it may not be able to make it smooth and will require a lot of front end javascripting.

    We are considering using THEOPlayer ( as our frame accurate video player off the HLS stream.

    Any help would be great.

    I know that there is the eventListener approach , but not sure is this will help to be frame accurate etc.

    Source files are H.264 , Baseline, AAC , 29.97

    UPDATE 10-07-2015 - have tried with M3U8 Manifest files on IIS server IE- not using Wowza and can get some playback working from clip to clip, however the desire is to use Wowza since we want to stream the media. Was wondering if anyone has gotten SMIL and M3U8 manifest working in Wowza server or has a ref implementation to view on this topic....
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    Hello there and Welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    You can use a schedule to achieve the functionality you desire:
    How to schedule streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine (ServerListenerStreamPublisher)

    You can also fine tune the Cupertino packetizers for smoother playback. however, there will most likely be some delay between clips:
    How to configure Apple HLS packetization (cupertinostreaming)



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