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Thread: HLS playback Troubles (bug)

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    Default HLS playback Troubles (bug)

    I get a problem with a HLS stream playback - the direct link is playlist.m3u8. If i add the url to iPhone Safari it's just will try to connect 3 time, my play button will jump at the top of screen a few moments later, will be crossed.
    But if i will get the chunklist from the playlist file - it will run smoothly with no problem.
    What can be wrong with a server?

    The screen preview:

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    With a Wireshark i found some interesting details, seems like iphone just doesn't SEND request to get media.ts fiels

    Here a jpg log from a wireshark TCP Follow stream.

    If u will put some guess by codec or streaming server version - it doesn't matter, the streams was also switched between these two - the results the same, smt my in iphone safari?

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    Hello there. You said
    the direct link is playlist.m3u8
    The URL you use to play the stream should take this format:
    for example


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