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Thread: Create dynamic overlays on VOD

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    Default Create dynamic overlays on VOD


    I would like to create dynamic overlays with transcoder on VOD to use that as watermark.
    Is it possible ?
    I've seen old posts where was only available for live streaming but maybe it's possible now ?

    I've seen a video here (i think it's for live streaming) :


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    I think it is not possible with Wowza transcoder.
    If you're planning to use different watermarks for each viewer then you should understand that transcoding itself is a very CPU-heavy thing.
    So basically what you can do is to use ffmpeg to pre-transcode videos for later playback.
    I sometimes do things like that for my clients, however this way has own disadvantages, like more load on HDD (because it has to keep many files (each for certain viewer) instead of 1 file)

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    In fact, for now, I already use ffmpeg to transcode videos in several quality, but how to make a watermark ?
    What do you mean by pre-transcode ?

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    You need to use ffmpeg filters, they're quite powerful.
    Pre-transcoding... i meant to not try to transcode video while user is playing it (on-the-fly)

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    Ok, so i can't make a dynamic watermark live ?
    Because when someone want to see a video, can not wait to transcode the video with watermark and then, play it.

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    basically... i guess yes.
    the trouble is that your server will be not able to handle more than few concurrent viewers anyway because transcoding is too heavy thing.

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