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Thread: Need help with this url please please.

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    Default Need help with this url please please.

    Hello everyone i been tryng to play this url "" on vlc player and many other but imposible i changed some words and other changes but i can`t please someone help me. Thanks in advance.

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    Please confirm that Wowza Streaming Engine is started using the following guide.
    How to install and configure Wowza Streaming Engine

    I see that you're missing "/playlist" from the URL provided. The streaming URL for Apple HLS compatible clients should be:
    If you're using the default application instance it doesn't need to be added. For example:
    I recommend that you test using sample.mp4 from a vod application and the Test Players in Wowza Steaming Engine Manager.
    If successful, move to testing a live stream using the preconfigured "live" application and check the Incoming Streams page in the Manager to ensure the source is be received.


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    The domain is pointing to a website using port 80, so you will likely need to use a DNS host entry such as "" or use port 1935 for video connections. This may require some additional routing configuration to enable a port forwarding to the Wowza server as does not currently respond on port 1935. As Jason mentioned, it could also be that Wowza Streaming Engine is not currently running.

    When using sub-directories, you may also need to add "_definst_" after the Application name. As follows:

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