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Thread: Dynamic SMIL files for incomming streams question

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    Default Dynamic SMIL files for incomming streams question

    We have several applications and we would like to trans code these streams and offer playback to JW player using adaptive bit rates for viewers that may not have the bandwidth to watch the HD version of the stream. The problem I see is that each person streaming uses different names for the stream and then that stream is automatically recorded to our server for VOD after the live.

    I have read several articles on creating this module ModuleAMLSTTestLive but these post are several years old and I want to know If this is still the preferred way to achieve adaptive bit rates for version 4.2 when needing to do this with dynamic names.


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    Hi Josh,

    If using the Wowza transcoder, you can use the Stream Name Groups feature of transcoder to generate the live ABR smil files. While the the live streams are running, you can then capture this smil file and save it for the vod playback by using the following curl command.

    curl http://[server-ip]:1935/live/ngrp:myStream_all/medialist.smil > myStream.smil
    You would then just need to edit the saved smil file and modify the video src to point to the recorded files instead of the live streams and then upload to your content directory alongside the recordings.


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