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Thread: mounting live streams to wowza4

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    Default mounting live streams to wowza4

    hi guys,

    I am running wowza 4.0 and one of our partner exposes live streams using http protocol for mpeg-ts and hls format.

    How can i mount above streams to wowza so i can serve them on different platforms used by our customers (android, ios, web:rtmp) if i need to transcode them using wowza encoder addon that is available free with wowza 4 then let me know and give me some points how to configure it.


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    HLS is not a supported input format but mpeg-ts is. You can make use of a stream file to pull an mpeg-ts stream into Wowza Streaming Engine and stream to the different platforms mentioned.

    I suggest that you configure the transcoder in order to do Adaptive Bitrate streaming. This will provide lower resolution/bitrate streams for mobile devices and players with low bandwidth connections. You may find the following articles helpful in setting up this process:

    How to play your first live stream
    How to do adaptive bitrate streaming

    Best regards,

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    andrew my friend,

    If this mpeg-ts works with http protocol i will officially declare you life saver around the globe.

    let me test it.


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    its not working in first test.

    content of

    content of najam1.smil
    <video src="" system-bitrate="528000"/>

    content of startupstream.xml


    tested rtsp:// in vlc no luck.
    tested it using rtmp with wowza examples page for live stream no luck.

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    Wowza Streaming Engine can't ingest video streams using HTTP protocol.
    For MPEG-TS you'll need to use UDP in the .stream file.

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    sorry for late reply problem is stream provider is publishing mpeg-ts stream over http protocol and they will not change it to UDP. any workaround ?

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    One technique would be to use FFMPEG to restream into Wowza Streaming Engine. See this guide more more information on possible commands.

    There's also a third party module that could do it available here.


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