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Thread: Wowza new TC40 encoder issue

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    Default Wowza new TC40 encoder issue

    We have several Tricasters that we take video and encode it on a separate laptop running FLME. This has worked for years and it looks good. We purchased a Ticaster 40 and have been trying to stream video, The issue is when it encodes the video it looks bad. It very blurry. It is SD video and I have created profiles for it and used the ones that come with it but the quality is still not as good as what is encoded in FMLE.

    If any one has a profile that works I would love to try it. If not we might get another laptop using Blackmagics UltraStudio SDI. Or maybe somthing else. I am open to suggestions

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    Hi Josh,

    We have had users that were able to successfully integrate their streaming with a Tricaster 40. Have you tried the following encoding settings on the Tricaster?

    framerate= 25 or 30
    keyframe= 2 seconds
    framesize= 1280x720

    I hope this helps.


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