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Thread: How to use crossdomain.xml file for HLS

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    Default How to use crossdomain.xml file for HLS

    Hi everyone,

    I use JW player 6 to play my HLS streams.
    Can I use Crossdomain.xml feature for protecting my HLS streams can only play from my website?

    Thank a alot.

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    crossdomain.xml is typically used to protect Flash content, or other content played through a Flash player, assuming the player understands it. JWPlayer is one such example.

    For pure HTTP streams in an HTML5 page you could look at using CORS. For example, TheOplayer is an HTML5 player that uses CORS headers, and has example Wowza configurations.

    There are generally better ways to protect your content than crossdomain I would suggest. Check our list of security and DRM articles for more sophisticated and more secure alternatives.


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