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Thread: Support G711 with MPEG DASH

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    Default Support G711 with MPEG DASH

    I record a telephone conversations in G711 and would like to play back these conversation using WOWZA and MPEG DASH player
    I am a new in WOWZA (and transcoding).

    What is the best way to build such flow, which addOn should I use and how? Where can I find it (like Quick Start Guide )?


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    It is my understand that g.711 works in recent Flash versions. I do not have a source to test where I am at present. Try it on the Wowza /examples/VideoOnDemandStreaming/FlashRTMPPlayer. Make sure you have up to date version of Flash.

    The Wowza Transcoder does not support Video on Demand streaming at present. A recording would be a VOD source as opposed to a live source. There is a work around for this but that is to use a static file(recording) as the source of a live stream, and then run that Stream through the Transcoder.

    How to do basic server-side publishing with Stream class streams

    Once you have the live stream, to do live ABR streaming you would send a source stream to the Wowza Transcoder and transrate the single stream into an ABR set.
    This article provides more details about using Wowza Transcoder for live streams:
    How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder AddOn for live streaming

    I hope this answers your question.


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    Thanks Salvadore
    The issue is that I cannot use the flash player since we are going to use DASH on desktop and mobile devices.
    I understand that we cannot use g711 or PCM with DASH to playback in the modern browsers. Is it right?
    In this case I have to transcode the file to AAC , for example, and put it as VOD source?

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    If at all possible, going forward you should use AAC audio instead. If not possible you can use some other 3rd party encoder, for example ffmpeg, to encode the recording to AAC. Take a look at this forum post for examples:
    Frequently requested FFMPEG command examples for Wowza



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