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Thread: Disable Logo in the transcoded stream !

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    Default Disable Logo in the transcoded stream !


    I'm using Wowza Trancoder. Its nice Add-on.

    I have no clue why Wowza logo shown on the Tracoded stream. Even , In Overlays option its set to "False". Can someone share idea on how to disable the logo which shown on the new [trancoded] streams ?.

    I'm using Wowza StreamEngine 4.2.0

    <!-- default, QuickSync, CUDA, NVCUVID -->
    <!-- horiz: left, right, hcenter - vert: top, bottom, vcenter -->

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    Hi there,
    it sounds like Wowza is adding a watermark because you are using a trial version of the Transcoder AddOn?


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    Yes, I'm using Trial verision of Wowza Streamengine.

    Do you mean that, in trial version watermark image will be embedded into the new transcoded streams and it won't be able to remove ?.

    Also, please confirm, In licensed version , can we disable the logo in the transcoded streams ?.

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    Yes, the trial version embeds a watermark into the stream when using Transcoder. No there is no way to remove it.

    A licensed version of Wowza will not embed a watermark. It will take no extra work to disable a watermark in a licensed version. It simply will not be embedded in a licensed version.


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