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Thread: Windows firewall blocks Wowza

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    Default Windows firewall blocks Wowza

    I'm using the free trial of Wowza on Windows 10 Enterprise. The Windows firewall blocks port 1935. When I disable the Windows firewall, I can connect just fine, but I want to use the Windows firewall.

    I see no entry for a Wowza app in the firewall rules. I looked at Services and found the binary in \program files (x86) which gets started. It's nssm_64.exe. I manually added that to the firewall rules, but it still didn't work. I already have a copy of Java installed on this PC, if that matters.

    How should I proceed?
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    In Windows 10, if you open Windows Firewall and Advanced Security, you will need to create a new Inbound Rule to allow for connections on port 1935. If you click on "New Rule" and select "Port" instead of "Program", you should be able to build a TCP rule for port 1935, allowing these inbound connections.

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    Thanks, that did the trick.

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    Thanks for the update. Glad you got this sorted.


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