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Thread: Mped-Dash manifest with smil file error

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    Default Mped-Dash manifest with smil file error

    I have problem with using ABR SMIL file with MPEG-Dash for livestreaming. I tried
    PHP Code:
    , but I receive 404 error. I error log I can find HTTPStreamerMPEGDashLiveIndex.indexFile[publishppvmulti/_definst_/emocje4.smil]: there are no chunks available

    The SMIL file working with playlist.m3u8 without problem. I also can access direct to streams with
    PHP Code:
    I'm using Wowza 4.0.3.

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    Check to see if all the members of the smil presentation are working flawlessly.
    You're just giving an example of one rendition here:
    Ensure that playback works for all renditions in the Wowza test player.
    If the live stream renditions are not produced by the Wowza Trancoder then follow this guide to check if all the streams are 'keyframe aligned'.


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