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Thread: Invoking app from AutoConfig URL

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    Default Invoking app from AutoConfig URL

    Can anyone confirm if the Gocoder Autoconfig Url still works on Android 4.4.2? It does not invoke the app if opened through any browser. Chrome doesn't work, known issue, but not even via other browsers - Opera, Firefox, sending link via email. I don't have additional devices to test so unsure if something wrong with setting up of the gocoder:// method on the device or is it something else.

    gocoder://configure/?publishHost=server&publishPort=1935&publishApplication=streamtest&publishStream=test100&publishFram eSize=6

    It doesn't do anything, Webpage not found(opera) or unknown protocol(firefox) bah blah...

    Please advise.


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    I'm not able to test with a 4.4.2 device here, but I used the option in the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to email me the GoCoder settings, and the link worked correctly in that opening it configured the GoCoder app with the settings sent. Note that for Android (this is running on version 5.1.1), the URL begins http://gocoder rather than for iOS where the URL actually begins gocoder://, so it would look something like this,

    PHP Code:


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