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Thread: chunklist when there are no active streams

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    Default chunklist when there are no active streams

    We have one Origin and one Edge server. То origin server coming three streams. Customer access to Edge by calling the SMIL file. When the streams are active m3u8 file looks like this:

    http: // XXXX: 1935 / TestApp / _definst_ / smil: testapp.smil / chunklist_w943815551_b2000000.m3u8

    When there are no active streams m3u8 file looks the same. Once you download playlist, is taken chunklist

    If there are streams returns valid chunklist and if there are no streams is not returning chunklist

    The problem is that some clients (mostly Android) that completely stuck when is trying to get the chunklist. Is it possible to set when there is no stream, do not return any playlist, so that the player will not try to take chunklist?
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