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Thread: Is live stream recorded PRE or POST transcoder overlays?

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    Default Is live stream recorded PRE or POST transcoder overlays?

    I am studying Wowza to determine suitability for our application development - we have not yet installed a server instance.

    Please tell me: Using the HTTPLiveStreamRecord method, is the stream recorded with or without the Transcoder overlays, or is there a configurable option to do either/both?

    I have the same question regarding the DVR addon - is it using the same process as HTTPLiveStreamRecord, or a separate one?

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    The stream will be recorded with the overlay, if you record a rendition that is configured with an overlay.

    DVR uses a separate process for recording than LSR. DVR records to chunks that are used in DVR playback. LSR records to .mp4 or .flv container

    I hope this answers your question. Also, you can download a trial version of Wowza to test and familiarize yourself with the software.
    NOTE: The Transcoder applies an audio watermark as well as an embedded Wowza logo when running the trial version.



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