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Thread: WowzaProLiveRepeater logs

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    Default WowzaProLiveRepeater logs


    In a edge/origin configuration I have an issue with the logs reported by Wowza Streaming Engine.

    I have found that in the origin server logs I see lot of lines from WowzaProLiveRepeater referer.
    For example, for one day log file which have totally 700 000 lines, I see more than 300 000 lines from WowzaProLiveRepeater.

    I see that when the streams from the origin server are not "on line", wowza constantly fills the log with WowzaProLiveRepeater logs coming from my 7 edge servers.

    I hope to have been clear.

    So my question is simple. Is it possible to disable WowzaProLiveRepeater logs?


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    Hi Eric,

    You might be referring to the connect-pending and connect events that occur when an edge tries to reconnect to an origin server? If so, then you can set your edge applications not to reconnect. This should greatly minimize the logging activity generated when it keeps reconnecting to an inactive stream.


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